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For some time I knew I had a bi side - I've never been the strong feelings I had - never had the chance. I had a profile on this side and a couple of guys said a meeting, but I sexzool never wanted to take home (I'm married) and did not seem to talk together at one end. One day, while sexzool talking to a man about rolling Heaven, I expressed my desire to be a cock through a glory hole suck. I do not want to make friends - I just want sex. He suggested I try a male sauna and said the heat to start in Manchester is a good place. went to the track and up the heat on the site. Everything looked good, and after several weeks, I built the courage to go. I was on business in the area anyway, so it was only a minor distraction, and no one expected me to be all over the world very soon. Had all the time sexzool necessary. I must admit I felt sick to my stomach. Was he really do this? I found the enterance of the sauna discreet, check that there- He was and went inside. The man at the door was so nice and took my 'false ' details below. I was then given a key to the box office, told to undress, use the towel to the rapidly growing erection to hide and look around. The first thing I noticed was how dark it was. I used gradualy the lack of light and made sexzool my way around the sauna, avoid eye contact with another person there. If this is done, I took a shower and watched some gay porn for a while and then find myself in a small hut. I knew then that I will sexzool not be able to appraoch just another guy - I was very nervous, so I thought that it would close the door and a straw. Meanwhile, I was very horny... I locked the door, sat on the bench and began to stroke my 7 'erection. I knew it would end soon.. Without sexzool warning, flaccid tail appeared on my shoulder. I was in about to jump out of my skin looked around and saw two glory hole in the wall. the first was obvious, but the second had brought this tee pretty thick tailhrough it. Now what ? I was not sure what to do. What do you expect from me? I extended my hand and turned tail. I heard a groan behind the wall. The cock was harder with each stroke. I knew it was now or never. I lay on my back, my left hand on my dick, dick up my right to this unknown and picked up by my mouth all around the shaft. It was hot on my sexzool tongue and I knew salty. I had no idea he was on the other side of this thing, and I do not care. The absence of a face or a name invented the whole thing much more erotic. when I won in confidence, and sucked harder, so the longer and thicker penis. Now it was bigger than mine, and I found it hard to keep your mouth around the shaft. I moved my mouth up and down, sexzool while my hand moved up and down my own tail. I knew it would end sooner rather than later and thought, ' wow... and orgasm with a cock in my my -. How cool ' When I concentrated on my own dick, I almost forgot the big throbbing erection in my mouth. could sharel my own semen on the rise, hoping to lean towards the stomach. Just when you shoot without warning, he broke his tail in his mouth. Cum hit the back of my mouth as I arrived. I've never been so surprised in my life or something. Jet after jet of hot cum hit my stomach as jet after jet filled my mouth. I open my mouth and let the spit cum on my neck. I sexzool reached out and took a handful of hot sauce and rubbed it on my cock still throbbing. Oh, my God - what a feeling... cleaned and left, without looking at anyone. I have never received, the owner, to see his dick, but maybe next time..
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